What is a No Glow Trail Camera?

what is a no glow trail camera

What is a no glow trail camera, and what are its benefits? Let’s take a look at what you need to know about no glow trail cameras.

If you have been shopping for a trail camera for the first time, you have probably realized that trail cameras are available in three different types of flash.

They include white flash that is similar to a DSLR camera, red or low-glow flash and no-glow flash. The most common type of flash used in trail cameras is no glow flash.

What is a no glow trail camera?

Also referred to as a blackout trail camera or invisible flash trail camera, a no glow trail camera is simply a trial camera that uses no glow infrared flash to produce black and white pictures and videos. The flash it makes is not visible, even in the dark. This name originates from the camera’s ability to illuminate without being detected by humans and animals.

No glow trail cameras are equipped with LED emitters that transmit infrared light above the 940nm spectrum. According to experts, a light above 940 nm spectrum cannot be detected by the human eye and most wild animals.

Only a few species of wild animals can see light above the 940nm spectrum. As a result, no glow trail cameras are popular for hunting and security purposes because of their incredible ability to take pictures and videos at night without being detected.

Unlike white flash and low-glow flash that can scare wild animals, trail cameras with no glow flash always stay undetected, allowing you to take close photos without disturbing your prey.

Benefits of No-Glow Trail Cameras

Invisible to the Human Eye

One of the main benefits of no glow trail cameras is their ability to take black and white pictures that are not visible to the human eye at night. As a result, no glow trail cameras can work well for hunting and as a security camera. A large number of security surveillance cameras are fitted with no glow flash. Although they don’t take high-quality photos, as is the case with white flash cameras and low glow cameras, their ability to stay undetected makes them one of the best cameras for security surveillance.

Most Wild Animals Cannot Detect Them

Most wilds animals cannot detect no-glow trail cameras. Only a few species can see the no-glow flash, and they have to be very close to the camera. Wild animals such as deer cannot detect no-glow flash at night. This makes them perfect cameras for hunting and wildlife surveillance.

The fact that they don’t distract wild animals means that they deliver more accurate and reliable data.

They Are More Secure

Besides being undetected by humans and animals and delivering more accurate data, no glow cameras also remain discreet. Unlike other types of flashes that make it easy for thieves and other hunters to detect the camera, no glow flash makes the camera invisible by illuminating without being detected.

So, if you hunt in a place where you are worried about other guys seeing and stealing your trail camera, then no glow trail camera should be your pick. It will remain undetected by thieves and other hunters even when they walk close to the camera.

What is the difference between a no-glow trail camera and a low-glow trail camera?

Most people usually think no glow trail and low glow trail cameras are the same. However, that is not true. Although their names are similar, these two types of flashes have distinct differences.

Red or low-glow trail cameras produce a red glow from infrared emitters when they take videos or pictures at night. The red-glow produced is usually faint but can be detected when you look directly at the camera. These cameras typically take high-quality pictures and photos at night compared to a no-glow camera, and they rarely spook animals when positioned property. However, they can be detected and stolen by other hunters.

On the other hand, no glow trail cameras don’t display light when taking pictures at night. The problem with this is that these cameras generally do not take sharp images compared to low-glow trail cameras. However, as said before, a no-glow trail camera cannot be detected by other hunters or animals.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Low-Glow Trail Camera

Low-glow trail cameras are the most popular type of trail cameras on the market today. However, the quality of the trail camera that you choose matters a lot. In this section, I will share crucial factors to consider when buying a no-glow trail camera.

Consider Brand

One of the most important factors to consider when buying a no-glow trail camera is brand. The increased popularity of the no-glow trail camera has led to many brands’ mushrooming on the market. Unfortunately, most of these brands are only interested in making money from innocent buyers instead of producing quality no-glow trail cameras that deliver quality results.

Therefore, when buying a no glow trail camera, you should consider the brand. Buy from a brand that has been around for a long and has proven beyond doubt to manufacture high-quality no-glow trail cameras.

Consider Trigger Speed and Recovery

Trigger speed refers to how fast the camera takes a shot when it detects movement. If you don’t want your no-glow trail camera to miss out on anything, you should buy a no glow trail camera that has a fast trigger speed (0.3 seconds at most).

On the other hand, recovery time refers to how long the camera needs to record the picture before the next shot is fired. The faster the recovery time, the more images your no glow trail camera will take.

Consider Detection Zone

One of the most significant differences between no glow trail cameras is their field of view and range. If you want your no-glow trail cameras to trigger more often, you should purchase one with a more extended range and area of view.

Consider Battery

The quality of the battery that a no-glow trail camera is equipped with will determine the number of trips you will make to replace it. If you want to make fewer trips, you should purchase a no-glow trail camera equipped with a high-quality battery that will last for a long time.

Also, consider buying a no-glow trail camera that is energy efficient.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for the best trail camera for hunting, security, or wildfire surveillance, no glow trail camera is the best. Besides illuminating light at night that is invisible to human and animal eyes, they are also equipped with many other incredible features that enable them to deliver exceptional performance.

They are also versatile, meaning they can be used in many different places and still deliver excellent results.