What to Wear Pheasant Hunting

what to wear pheasant hunting

If you are a beginner in pheasant hunting, you are probably wondering what to wear pheasant hunting. It’s important you wear the right gear to suit your hunting environment.

Your pheasant hunting gear should be comfortable and fit you well. Your outfit is essential when hunting pheasant and will determine whether your hunting will be a success or not.

Let’s take a look at essentials for what to wear pheasant hunting:


One important piece of gear you need to wear when going for pheasant hunting is a vest for pheasant hunting. A good vest should be lightweight and have plenty of pockets to enable you to carry essential items like license, water, gloves, and any other important items you may need during hunting with ease.

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I prefer a vest with a built-in shell holder because it allows me to hold my shells and protect them from getting crushed. The more pocket the vest has for holding more shells, the better.

Most pheasant hunting spots require hunters to wear a vest made from hunter orange material. This is important because it makes it easy for other hunters to spot you, even when in tall grass, thus keeping you and others around safe.

The vest you choose should also fit you properly to enable you to properly and safely shoulder your shotgun. Remember that your shotgun is not supposed to catch anything when positioning it on your shoulder.

Your vest should also not obstruct your swing. That is why it is crucial to buy a vest that fits you properly.

Good Boots

Another important must-have outfit when going for pheasant hunting is quality boots. Good boots are crucial when hunting pheasants. Remember, you will cover huge ground in search of birds, and a large part of your route will be rugged terrain. Therefore, it is important to invest in high-quality boots that are comfortable and fit you well.

Your boots should also repel water and have a solid grip to prevent you from sliding or slipping. When hunting during colder months, you should choose boots with a liner to help keep your feet warm. They should also be waterproof to keep snow and water out.

On the other hand, when hunting pheasant during warm months, choose lighter and uninsulated boots. Quality boots will help make your hunt easier and comfortable.

Hunting Pants

Hunting pants are essential hunting gear, especially when pursuing pheasants in tall grass. Pheasant will be flying in every direction, and so will you. Hunting pants will help keep your legs dry when hunting in early dewy mornings. It will also protect you against bruises while hunting in thick bushes. Hunting pants also need to offer plenty of motion, to make movement easier.

Wear pants with plenty of pockets to help you carry essential pheasant hunting gears such as gloves, your car keys, license, cell phone, and much more. If you walk long distances, you should consider buying hunting pants made of high-quality but lightweight material.

Shooting Glasses

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Every time I go pheasant hunting, I always carry my shooting glasses, and they are many reasons for this. First, shooting glasses helps to protect my eyes when walking in brush and tall grass.

Second, shooting glasses also help to protect enhance my visibility by reducing glare. This increases the chance of hitting my target on the first attempt. Shooting glasses are available in different types and quality.

If you opt for shooting glasses make sure to invest in a high-quality pair. Some shooting glasses are equipped with multiple lens colors, which can be swapped to suit your hunting needs.


Another must-have gear when going for pheasant hunting is a pair of gloves. A good pair of gloves will protect you from shredding your hands when pushing your way through thick bushes.

They also provide a much-needed firm grip on the gun, especially during the wet season, thus enabling you to hit your target with ease. The best pair of gloves for pheasant hunting should be lightweight and preferably made of soft leather. But when hunting during the cold season, you should wear waterproof gloves and made of heavier but elastic material to keep your hands warm.

Your pair of gloves should also be comfortable and well-fitting to allow you to easily pull the trigger and also get your finger off the trigger safely. Avoid gloves that are too thick.


The shotgun that you use when hunting pheasant will determine whether you will have a successful hunting day or not. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you carry the right shotgun. I prefer lightweight shotguns because they are quick and easy to handle.

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I also prefer a shotgun that offers a quick second shot, just in case I need it.

Shotgun Shells

A shotgun without a shell is not very useful ? Ensure you carry enough ammo when pheasant hunting. The number of shells to carry depends on many things, including your experience, target (the number of birds you want to catch), local regulations and laws, and much more.

Everyone has their own opinions when it comes to shells. Although many pheasant hunters still use lead shots, it is not recommended because they are toxic.

In fact, many states and federal hunting lands don’t allow hunters to use lead shots. Investing in premium shells is a smart move when hunting pheasants.

Final Thoughts

What you wear for pheasant hunting will determine whether your hunting experience is good or not. Therefore, it is important to ensure that you wear the right gear suitable to your hunting environment. Your pheasant hunting gear should be comfortable and fit you well.

Don’t forget to consider weather conditions when determining what you’re going to wear.