What to Wear Turkey Hunting

a group of wild turkeys wonder what to wear turkey hunting

When choosing what to wear turkey hunting, there are plenty of options to consider, although there is the basic and most preferred choice.

Turkey hunting is a fun and excellent activity that requires you to choose the best hunting gear.

I remember encountering a lot of issues the first time I went turkey hunting. This prompted me to do a lot of research, and I ended up finding the right solution.

To be a successful turkey hunter, you need to be well equipped.

In this post, I’ll discuss some of the things you need to wear when going out for turkey hunting to ensure that you’re all set.

Proper Hunting Pants

One thing you need to know is that a turkey has sharp eyesight. Therefore, you need to wear proper hunting pants that will blend in with the green environment of where you’re hunting. Although there are different pants for different conditions, hunters prefer light pants in most cases.

If you prefer hunting during cold mornings, it is essential to consider wearing warm long johns to prevent your legs from getting too cold. Turkeys are easy to hunt, but you need to stay hidden. In most cases, turkeys spot attractive pants and run away. That is why wearing camouflage pants can significantly help you to hunt properly.

There is also the option of choosing waterproof pants or even camouflaged pants, which will make it easier for you to hunt. Other options include cactus-proof or burr-proof pants, which really come in handy in areas that have annoying vegetation. All in all, just make sure the pants you buy for turkey hunting are ideal for helping you hunt correctly.

Hunting Boots

What to wear turkey hunting? The second option includes hunting boots. However, when it comes to choosing boots, you need to consider where you’ll be hunting. The weather and terrain tend to vary from one state to the other. When hunting during the spring season, the temperature is usually fair and mild.

Therefore, during the spring season, you should consider buying lightweight and un-insulated boots. Lightly insulated hunting boots are also suitable when hunting during the spring season. Most hunters prefer high rubber boots when hunting in lowland areas, mainly because they are ideal for the rugged terrain.

It tends to be cooler during the autumn season, and choosing hunting boots that offer a bit of insulation is an excellent option to consider. There’s also the option of wearing warm socks if you happen to lack insulated hunting boots. You need to ensure that you have lightweight hunting boots since they are the most preferred during all weather seasons.

Lightweight boots are suitable to use for turkey hunters because you can walk around for miles searching for birds. You can also choose short or high boots and snake-proof gaiters if you’re hunting in areas where snakes are an issue.

Hunting Shirt or Jacket

The third thing you need to consider is the hunting shirt or jacket. When choosing this, you need to consider the weather. If it’s too hot when you’re going out turkey hunting, it’s probably a good idea to wear a camouflage shirt and then carry a jacket if you end up leaving the hunting area in the evening.

When you leave for hunting during the cold morning hours, it is crucial to consider wearing a camouflage jacket to help you stay out of sight of turkeys and keep you warm. Remember, you need to be comfortable and concentrate a lot.

That is why keeping warm and choosing hunting clothes that blend well with your hunting area is essential. Every layer of your hunting clothes needs to be camouflage because you might end up stripping off some of your clothes during the day, depending on the weather.

Cover Your Hands, Face, and Head

Your face, hands, and head are three of the most critical areas that many hunters fail to hide. This typically leads to an unsuccessful hunt. You need to keep in mind that turkeys are very sensitive and can see you from a mile away. Therefore, a shiny human face or open arms can be seen clearly by a wary gobbler.

When your hands and face are not concealed during hunting, your movement will be highly visible, thereby prompting the turkey to run fast. Hence, wearing gloves and something to cover your face can eliminate the issue of scaring turkeys away and missing out on your hunt.

There are also hunting masks and nets that you can use to cover your face. These are camouflaged masks designed with thin and transparent mesh, which come in different sizes. They also feature a wide range of designs, including full masks, pull-over head nets, and half masks.

To prevent them from falling down, they feature an elastic opening, and others have drawstrings. You can also use face paint to stay hidden if you don’t like the idea of using camouflage masks or head nets.

If you want to cover your face with a transparent net when going out for turkey hunting, I recommend using a ball cap to help hold the net.

Essential Tips to Consider

After you’ve chosen what to wear turkey hunting, you need to ensure that it is completely quiet to avoid scaring away the turkeys. Since turkeys are very sensitive and they tend to have excellent vision, when you wear attire that makes noise, it is easier for them to spot you and sense danger.

Where most hunters fail is only focusing on hiding their skin and scent. However, the sound attribute is also quite crucial and plays a significant role during your hunt. Avoid buying fabric that produces the “swishing” sound when moving around or zipper clothes.

You should also avoid white, blue, or red clothes because these are the colors associated with the male turkey, making you a target. If you have any clothing that contains any of these colors, make sure to cover it adequately to avoid being spotted by turkeys.


When you want to choose what to wear turkey hunting, make sure you consider what I’ve highlighted in this post, such as wearing the right attire, making sure you’re completely hidden and avoid being a target of the turkeys.

Turkey hunting is a fun activity, but it can be strenuous if you make the wrong choices. Overall, make sure you enjoy your hunting by following my tips and doing more research to learn what works best.