Why is My Trail Camera Not Taking Night Pictures?

why is my trail camera not taking night pictures

Why is my trail camera not taking night pictures? This is a question that you are probably asking yourself right now if you have realized that your trail camera is not taking night pictures.

Many reasons may cause your trail camera not to take night pictures. Fortunately, this problem can be corrected easily by making a few minor adjustments to your trail camera.

Continue reading to find out why your trail camera is not taking night pictures.

Why is my trail camera not taking night pictures?

Wrong Location

One of you reasons why your trail camera is not taking night pictures is because it is installed in the wrong location. Where you place your trail camera at night matters a lot. If you don’t place it in the right location, then you will be surprised the following day that your camera did not take any pictures at night.

If you want your trail camera to take pictures at night, you need to ensure that it is as close as possible to the game trail. Remember, the camera only takes photos when it senses motion. Therefore, if it is too far from where the action is, it won’t sense any movement and won’t take any photos.

Additionally, it is also essential to know the range of your trail camera motion sensor and flash. For instance, if your trail camera has a small range of motion, you should place it closer to the range you want to observe to not miss out on taking important photos and videos. When it comes to the range of motion, the general rule of thumb is that the trail camera should be placed close to the scope of the area you want to observe.

Wrong Height

Another reason your trail camera is not taking photos at night is that the height is too high or the angle of depression is not correctly set. If you want your trail camera to take pictures at night, you need to be mindful of its range of motion when placing it in an elevated position. If the height is too high, the camera will not sense any activity and will not take any pictures.

If you want your trail camera to take pictures at night while at an elevated position, you need to ensure that the angle of depression is right and the height is within its range of motion. This way, the motion sensor will be triggered and take photos or record when something passes by. Remember, the distance between the area you observe and your camera is determined by the height and downward angle. To increase the chance of your trail camera taking pictures at night, try as much as possible to decrease both the height and angle of depression.

Wrong SD Card

Another possible reason your trail camera is not taking pictures at night is you may have installed the wrong type of SD card. Digital technology is continually changing. A possible scenario is that the new SD card you have just bought is not compatible with your trail camera. Just because an SD card fits perfectly on your trail camera SD slot does not mean that it is compatible.

When shopping for an SD card for your trail camera, there are many things you need to consider besides its physical size. Nowadays, there are many types of cards, including SDHC cards, SD cards, and SDXC cards, all of which are of the same size. Therefore, you need to be careful when buying an SD card for your trail camera. Check the user manual to confirm that the SD card is compatible with your trail camera before purchasing.

Your SD Card is Not Formatted

It is always recommended that you format your SD card before installing it in your trail camera. The reason why formatting is recommended is that it helps clean data from the card, eliminate malware, and create a new file that the camera will use to organize and store the new pictures. Formatting also helps create more space in the SD card if the space is full or there is limited space remaining.

Some trail cameras can format the SD card, while others cannot. If your trail camera cannot format the SD card, you can format it on your computer. The process is simple and straightforward; just insert the SD card on your computer, then select format.

Your SD Card is Full, Locked, or Damaged

Another common reason why your trail camera does not take pictures at night is that the SD card is full, damaged, or locked. If your SD card has limited space, it will fill up fast and, thus, not take more pictures. Most trail cameras don’t take photos when the SD is full.

Fortunately, most modern trial cameras have a feature where they automatically delete old photos to pave the way for new images when the SD card is full. However, you need to enable this feature to work.

Additionally, if your SD card is locked, your trail camera will not take photos at night. Data from the camera cannot be transferred to the SD card, meaning the camera will not save any image taken. Photos from the trail camera will also not be saved if the SD card is damaged or corrupted.

Dead Battery

Your trail camera cannot function if the battery is dead. This unfortunate scenario has happened to many people using trail cameras. Some people simply forget to charge their battery before setting the camera at night, and some cameras have short battery life. However, regardless of the reason, the outcome is still the same.

The solution to this is ensuring that you charge the battery before you set the camera. On the other hand, if the battery does not last for long, you should consider replacing it with a new battery (preferably a lithium-ion battery).

Wrong Camera Settings

How your trail camera is set will determine whether it will take pictures at night or not. Although configuring the settings of a trail camera is relatively simple and straightforward compared to traditional DSLR cameras, most people still find it confusing. For instance, if the camera is in the wrong mode, it will not trigger even when motion is detected, meaning it will not take pictures. Therefore, before you set your trail camera at night, crosscheck the settings to ensure that they are all correct.

Final Thoughts

The above article shows that multiple issues may hinder your trail camera from taking pictures at night. Fortunately, a vast majority can be prevented if you inspect your trail camera before installing it to take photos at night.