Why Should Hunters Wear Fluorescent Hunter Orange Clothing?

why should hunters wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing

So, why should hunters wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing? It’s a question that many people ask, and it’s essential to learn why. 

As a hunter, it is crucial to watch what you wear before going out because it significantly impacts the hunting – whether or not you’ll be successful in your hunt.

There are 40 states require hunters to wear orange clothing for hunting big game and upland birds.

Why Should Hunters Wear Fluorescent Hunter Orange Clothing? Stay Visible and Keep Safe

One of the reasons why should hunters wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing is that it helps them stay visible, thereby keeping them safe. Being visible while hunting and trapping is crucial for your safety. Therefore, these are some of the people that are required to wear a fluorescent hunter orange jacket, a hat, and an orange vest:

  • Fur harvesters with a firearm
  • Hunters
  • Licensed guides who mostly guide hunters

Hunting attire should be visible from all angles, although it doesn’t apply to waterfowl hunters. Hunters should also keep in mind that thousands of people participate in many types of outdoor work or recreation in the forest. That means they need to wear visible garments and exercise caution at all times.

Hunter Orange Clothing is Crucial for Hunting

If you’ve ever attended a hunter safety class, I know you’ve learned the fluorescent orange color keeps you safe because it is difficult for a deer to distinguish the color, but other hunters can do that. Therefore, when you wear blaze orange, it enhances your safety and prevents you from being hunted by other hunters thinking that it’s an animal.

Some hunters think the big blocks of the solid color will make them visible to what they are trying to hunt. Although deer cannot see the orange color, big blocks of the color, including fluorescent orange clothing, are easily seen by animals, causing some deer hunters to avoid wearing orange clothing.

Its A Requirement in Some States

In states where it is strictly required to wear orange during hunting, most hunters often abide by the rules. I have witnessed discussions on various social media platforms and forums where hunters talk about why should hunters wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing, and suggest taking off their vests when they get to their stand.

Some even claim only to wear it when they seem to think that a game warden may be around. These are not acceptable practices for hunters to engage in because they only endanger their lives while hunting. Some younger hunters think that orange clothing is for the old guys and not “cool.”

Choose Between Hunter Orange and Hunter Pink

Most states require hunters to wear at least 400-500 square inches of fluorescent orange clothing or fluorescent hunter pink. These colors should reflect on the exterior in various conditions. You must also wear fluorescent clothing above your waist, so it is visible in all directions.

Wearing a hat alone doesn’t meet all the requirements; you’re supposed to wear at least 400-square inches to satisfy the requirements.

When Do You Need to Wear Hunter Orange or Pink Clothing?

If you’re a bobcat, bear, cougar, elk, rabbit, hare, raccoon, or turkey hunter in an area that is open to deer hunting, you are required to wear hunter orange or pink clothing. If you’re hunting during the modern firearms season, it is mandatory to wear hunter orange or pink clothing to ensure you’re kept safe.

These hunters include muzzle-loaders and archers who hunt in elk areas, in the wilderness, game management units, and deer areas, where there is an overlap of the modern firearms season. Therefore, as a hunter, this is crucial information that you need to note.

If you use a modern firearm for hunting pheasant, partridge, and quail in upland game bird season, you’re also supposed to wear hunter orange or pink clothing.

Bonus Tip: Grouse aren’t categorized as upland game birds, which means the requirements to wear hunter orange, or pink clothing don’t apply to grouse hunters.

When You Don’t Need Hunter Orange or Pink Clothing

There are also instances when you do not need to wear hunter orange or pink clothing. One of them is when it’s the upland game bird season, and you’re hunting these birds with a firearm, arrow, and bow.

You also don’t need to wear orange clothing when you’re hunting in game-managed units where only archery and muzzle loading are allowed.

The Benefits of Wearing Fluorescent Hunter Orange Clothing

There are many benefits of why should hunters wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing, with the most important one being that it keeps you safe. Ever since most of the states made it mandatory for hunters to wear orange, there has been a considerable drop in hunting-related firearm accidents.

It becomes easier for hunters to see each other- most states have also reported success stories from deer hunters since hunters started wearing blaze orange clothing. Therefore, this eliminates harmful incidents from occurring since they know that it’s another hunter when they see an orange movement.

Keep in mind that camouflage is not crucial, but having that edge is a factor to consider. It is best if you obey the law to avoid ending on the wrong side with the authorities.

However, I’m hoping to see hunters becoming enthusiastic about wearing fluorescent orange clothing because it provides effective camouflage and keeps you safe.

The Bottom Line

When the question of why hunters should wear fluorescent hunter orange clothing pops up, always remember that it’s a requirement in most states, and it also helps to keep you safe. Therefore, the overall fact is that it is essential during your hunting adventure.